Speaking Engagements

Tiffany quit her job to crusade for the planet. She regularly shares her insipring story in hopes of catalyzing real change in people’s lives and for the planet. From school children looking to learn about the oceans to general meetings and boards of large organizations wanting to forge a new way forward, Tiffany’s audiences benefit from her breath of experience, her boundless enthusiasm, and her openness about her journey.

Environmental speeches include: environmental storytelling and communications, environmental advocacy, scientific expedition support, coral restoration, Amazon rainforest conservation, climate education and challenges.

Inspirational speeches include: how to find your life purpose, the importance of failing to succeed, on quitting your job to find a life you love, and how to leave the law.

Tiffany is also available for project consulting.

Tiffany as a board member with Save-A-Turtle of the Florida Keys and a very active volunteer with CRF, I want to thank you. I am in awe at the professionalism and the organization of CRF.

Randy Beck

Save-A-Turtle Board Member

The Saturday program to the Girl Scounts reached 43 new people who ranged from 3 to 40ish. I had not expected such a huge and varied group. I could not have been more delighted with the program Kristin, Tiffany and Sara provided. Your intern team created an interactive, engaging game connecting the Everglades’ ecological dots to coral restoration. They held the attention of this mixed group, conveyed the importance of hte reefs, and I think they inspired several of the older girls to consider a journey to Key Largo for more information. Their energy, creativity, and personal warmth added so much to Adventure Day.

Ellen Siegel

Everglades National Park volunteer ranger

Tiff & Sara – thank you so much for teaching this Climate course. Even though I was generally sympathetic to the climate problems faced by the world, you brought the extent of the problem home to me. I realize that sitting on the sidelines and giving a few bucks to environmental groups is not enough. I have resolved to become more active, including talking about your course with my family and friends. I also want you both to know that your presentations were thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable. I looked forward to each class. You smartly included guest speakers who were interesting and actually working in the field. I was really disappointed when the class ended. You are performing a wonderful service.

Rick Dunn

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Miami

Thank you for an eye-opening class on climate change and worldwide waste. It is heartening to find people as committed as you and your guest presenters are. I will still do my best to combat climate change incorporating many of your excellent ideas and I will join at least one group fighting climate change.

Stanely Coira


Tiffany and Sara – and all the fabulous presenters – I can’t thank you enough for an amazing class. I also want to thank all my classmates for being so engaged and making the climate conversations meaningful and personal. So what did I love? So many,many things. Here are a few: the skillful, efficient presentations providing us with facts, charts and illustrations. The terrific guest speakers, also so well prepared, who advised us on what is being done locally and how we can join in. The fact that the class flew by; it was so engaging I think we all could easily have stayed another hour. Excellent time management and program organization. I loved the contagious enthusiasm. I loved the class interaction. The size of the class was perfect. How can you improve? I think you nailed it! I would love for you to continue this class so that other OLLI members can share in your expertise and enthusiasm. This would be a great service to our community. What am I doing? I have joined Citizens Climate Lobby, attended my first meeting and have so far recruited three (non-OLLI) people. I am going to talk to my Sierra Club contact to discuss possible speaking programs. I have posted on Facebook.

Sunny McLean

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Miami

Thank YOU Tiffany so very much for coming! We really enjoyed meeting you and your presentation was fabulous!

Sherri Crilly

Save-A-Turtle Vice President