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Tiffany Duong is a climate and environmental advocate and conservation journalist interested in compelling others to live more sustainable lives.

She explores the interplay of consciousness, convenience, and consumption, as well as their role in destroying and saving our planet, through her projects and writings.
She draws from her time working at a biodiversity research camp in the Peruvian Amazon and from her scuba diving adventures as inspiration for when she has seen nature at her purest — in the depths of the jungle and at the bottom of the ocean — and aims to not only preserve these pristine environments but to also heal degraded ones.

Her volunteerism and work have always encompassed both at-risk individuals (from inner city kids to abused women to homeless populations) as well as fragile ecosystems, as people and their environments are inextricably linked. Tiffany believes we cannot heal one without the other, and that more each person can play a part in creating a better world for everyone.

As an ADVOCATE, Tiffany urges everyone to become more aware of the little decisions in their lives that, in aggregate, have a big impact. She believes that education and conscious choice are critical parts of helping everyone become a better global citizen. She currently serves as a Climate Reality Leadership Corp member and as an Environmental Advocacy Intern with Turtle Island Restoration Network.

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